The masks made in Finland are indispensable in Scandinavian welding technology. The great popularity among users in MIG / MAG welding, electrode welding and cutting and grinding work is easy to explain: in addition to the versatility and ergonomic design, the masks are impressive

• light weight (350 g), prevents neck pain

• a broad field of view, reductions in accident risks

• movable, easily adjustable visor

• Comprehensive and permanent eye and face protection

• intuitive handling, no long study of usage instructions

• Long service life due to replaceable components


The masks are available in different versions:



Standard version with small visor

• Screen in protection level 1.7

• Folding visor in protection level 8





Version with large visor

• Screen in protection level 1.7

• Folding visor in protection level 10


Further accessories / combinations can be found in the following operating instructions / accessory list.

Operating instructions / Accessories list for Euromaski Welding protection masks (PDF file)


With breathing protection system KITE


KITE Welding

Combination of the Euromaski welding protection mask (screen 1.7, small folding visor level 8) and battery operated respiratory protection system.

KITE is used to protect against solid and liquid aerosols. It provides an overcapacity in clean filtered ambient air and allows the user to breathe easily without overcoming an air resistance. With a fully charged battery, KITE provides an airflow of up to 160 liters per minute over a period of approximately 7 hours (depending on the condition of the filter / battery). An acoustic warning system warns the user when the air supply is reduced.


Accessories please see the following operating instructions / accessories list.


User manual / accessory list for KITE Welding (PDF file)
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